Various Print Designs

Project Details:
  • Spread designed for a Graphic Designer who created their work to give the maximum amount of communication with a minimum of graphic elements. His style was mirrored in my minimalist approach to this page layout.
  • Spread designed to accommodate a lot of content with an emphasis on Typography.
  • La Tomatina is a festival where thousands of tomatoes are flung in what is essentially a giant tomato fight. This spread and the next were designed to play off of the title, subject matter, and imagery.
  • This is the second spread for the article Paint the town Red.
  • These spreads were designed to be a part of a booklet that went along with a presentation of my collage art work. This spread covers Color Theory.
  • This spread focuses on a particular collage and continues the use of blocks of color as a design element.
  • The entire booklet was created on a simple grid that was 'broken' (modified) to fit the orientation of the images and the content.