PowerSolve Website

Project Details:
Home Page Header Animation, Custom Logo Design, Embedded Google Location Maps, Embedded Contact Form in Footer, Custom Icon Design
  • One of the client's main concerns was being able to provide their customers with a lot of information without having a cluttered website. The solution was to use a secondary navigation and expandable sections for content so that the site remained clean and streamlined.
PowerSolve, Inc. : View live Site

Fortress Metals Website

Project Details:
 Home Page Header Animation, Custom Logo Design, Embedded Google Location Maps, Embedded Contact Form in Footer
  • The client wanted to revamp their current branding by emphasizing their environmental friendliness. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to pair bold color with patterns and textures.
Fortress Metals, Inc. : View live Site

Wordpress Blog Design

Project Details:

Various Web Designs

Project Details:

  • Customized script to showcase the history of the Juki Americas brand.
    • Juki Americas History Timeline | View Live Page  No longer available.
  • Cohesive branding for the Juki Americas Twitter page.
  • Design and development of the 'Lucky for Likes' marketing campaign for TT&E, Inc.

Green Cleaning Branding

Project Details:
 The idea behind the Green Cleaning & Restoration logo was to impress upon their clients that their services were environment friendly and exactly what they were looking for. The leaf like curve in the G was the inspiration for the leaf used to dot the lowercase I and accompany the droplet. The elongated R is representative of the fact that all of the products they use are made from natural ingredients while the droplet refers to their belief in using non-toxic, water based products.
  • Additional Symbol for use with Logo
  • Each typstyle was chosen for it’s unique features. Nouvelle Vague was chosen for it’s organic curves, varying widths, denseness, and is the only style with serifs. Both Raleway and Helvetica Neue LT Pro have crisp, clean lines
    and curves. While Tahoma has a heavier feel and less curve to it’s letters. Nouvelle Vague and Raleway Thin were used to create the Logo while Helvetica and Tahoma were used throughout the website and other identity bearing materials.
  • Variations of the logo using the colors selected for the brand. The variations in color provide the Client with more options when printing and demonstrate versatility.
  • I created the website to reflect and compliment the overall feel of the logo.

Various Print Designs

Project Details:
  • Spread designed for a Graphic Designer who created their work to give the maximum amount of communication with a minimum of graphic elements. His style was mirrored in my minimalist approach to this page layout.
  • Spread designed to accommodate a lot of content with an emphasis on Typography.
  • La Tomatina is a festival where thousands of tomatoes are flung in what is essentially a giant tomato fight. This spread and the next were designed to play off of the title, subject matter, and imagery.
  • This is the second spread for the article Paint the town Red.
  • These spreads were designed to be a part of a booklet that went along with a presentation of my collage art work. This spread covers Color Theory.
  • This spread focuses on a particular collage and continues the use of blocks of color as a design element.
  • The entire booklet was created on a simple grid that was 'broken' (modified) to fit the orientation of the images and the content.